Malaysia carbon fiber sticker - 3M carbon fiber sticker and Busan carbon fiber sticker

3M Carbon Fiber Sticker

Our carbon fiber sticker has texturized vinyl surface which the texture can be touch and felt. This is compared to the conventional carbon fiber sticker which is only printed carbon fiber pattern with normal sticker surface.

100% Genuine Made in Japan 3M Di-Noc Carbon Fiber Vinyl Film (CA-421).

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Shipping : RM 5.00
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Total Price : RM 65.00

Among the attributes of our 3M Di-Noc texturized carbon fiber vinyl sticker are:
- 3M DI-Noc is atype of texturized vinyl films that simulate a natural and synthetic surface feel.
- Strong self-adhesive and can be applied to virtually any flat or curved surface.
- Stretchable with heat.
- Water resistant
- Life span is 8-12 years indoors and 3-5 years outdoors.
- Easily cleanable with simply soap and water.
- Easy installation
- Easy bubble removal
- Stylish

Difference between 3M carbon fiber sticker and dG carbon fiber sticker

3M - easier to get rid of air bubble, better adhersive especially on corners, easier to shape
3M - slightly brighter in color
3M - more expensive



Below is a short video on simple steps to stick the vinyl sticker (easy installation).
The demonstration shown is using 3M carbon fiber sticker.